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The Designing of Titanic
by By Roy Mengot

This paper examines the design process of RMS Titanic with a point of view of what naval archetects knew about designing ships in the early 20th century. The process of designing it also points out some of the engineering related mythsand questions about the Titanic story that have persisteded through the last century. READ THE ARTICLE

 Anatomy of a Titanic Error
by By Roy Mengot

The British Board of Trade concluded that water was flooding the firemen’s tunnel on Titanic 5 minutes after the collision. This piece of evidence has been central in all analyses of the sinking since 1912. This paper shows that the water seen was not the result of direct collision damage, but rather overflow of the #1 hold at G-deck that occurred over 15 minutes after the collision. READ THE ARTICLE

TRMA Reference Library

I collection of all of our research material gathered over the years. Here you'll find material on general Titanic research, modeling the great ship and information of other related great liners of her time. Also included are full drawn diagrams and tutorials on how to represent Titanic in scale.

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