Introduction - Tech Feature of the Month

Welcome to the Tech Feature section of TRMA.  This section will focus on parts of the ship that are often seen or mentioned, but not often understood.  For most modelers or those interested in the ship in general, there are a lot of details or fittings whose purpose isn't immediately obvious, or whose workings aren't really clear.

This section is intended to "de-mystify" many areas of the ship Titanic for the average modeler or historian, and give some interesting information about its workings and operation.  We hope you find this section informative!  If you have any suggestions for an item you'd like to see here, contact Art Braunschweiger, TRMA Trustee.

Titanic's Engine Rooms
Part I: Steam into Speed
Coal Ports and Coaling Outriggers
Ash Ejectors
Titanic's Engine Rooms
Part II: Back to the Boilers
Feeding the Fires:
Boilers, Firemen and Trimmers
Compass Platform
Titanic's Ventilating Bitts
Titanic's Double Bottom
Titanic's Steering Engines
Grates over the Fidley trunks
B-Deck cargo hatches

Written by Art Braunschweiger. Copyright © 2005 - 2010 TRMA

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