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Titanic Deck Color with Minwax Product

REVIEW BY: Cuong Phan

Adding realism to your model takes a lot of time and everyone has a unique way of doing it. When working on the decks of the Titanic, it was hard for me to decide the correct color to paint it. I did some research and looked at many of the finished model kits on the website and came to one conclusion - James Cameron's Titanic.

There are many color options for the deck color of the ship and the decision is up to the modeler. In this case, I used Cameron's movie model as a guide. Here are some various deck colors that modeler's have painted on their Titanic model:

After mixing and painting the decks and other portions of the ship, I wanted to add more realism to the planks on the ship. The color on the planks looked a little flat, so I wanted to enhance it a little bit. Thanks to Terry Fike's exquisite idea on using Minwax's wood finish marker, I was inspired to use it on my model. Here is a picture of Mr. Fike's model:

You can get these at your local hardware store such as Home Depot, Menards, or even at the Wal-Mart shopping center. They are fairly cheap (around $3.99) and can last a very long time. There are several colors of the wood finish marker ranging from golden oak, pickled oak, and red oak, depending on availability.

If you wish to buy a canister of the wood finish, there are more selections of colors to choose from. Here is the link to at least 20 different colors of the wood finish available in retail:


The cool thing about the wood finish marker is that it can be refilled. You will need to buy a canister of the wood finish for a refill. Here is the method to do it:

Tools required:
" Empty Minwax Stain Marker
" Small can of Minwax stain - same color as the empty marker
" Tweezers
" Funnel
" Paper Towels

How To Refill a Minwax Stain Marker

Source: http://miniatures.about.com/od/creatingminiatures/ht/refillstnmrkr.htm

1. Remove the felt tip of the stain marker with tweezers.

2. Insert funnel into the top of the stain marker. Press funnel down until valve is open to let stain flow in.

3. Pour Minwax stain into the funnel until marker is full.

4. Remove funnel and replace felt tip with tweezers.

5. Depress tip into pad of paper towels to get stain flowing.

For my model, I did the painting first and then went over it with the "Golden Oak" wood finish marker. Some modelers prefer applying just the wood finish marker. Now, before you apply the wood finish stain marker, you have to shake it a few times (there is a ball inside the pen to mix the fluid similar to a paint spray canister) and depress the tip a few times to start the flow.

It is best to spread the wood finish with an even stroke and back and forth in one direction. If you mess up and there is too much fluid, quickly use a towel and clean the area. Here is something important: Do one layer first and let it dry, then add a second layer to darken the color later. Add more layers until you are satisfy with the color. Here is the finish product (note the darker lines between the planks). This is the effect that you want.



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