Brass & Resin Upgrade Kits

Thanks to the efforts of the modelers on this site over the past two years,  there is now a whole selection of brass detailing products for all your Olympic-class and Titanic modeling needs. Click the thumbnails below to view a full preview of each product. To order the sets, click the company name at the top of each section.


Gold Medal Models


1:350 Titanic bench set. Includes a full complement of benches, with some spares. Each bench is a simple two-piece affair. The upper half includes the seat back and armrests. The lower half has the seat bottom and the legs. You fold the armrests forward 90 degrees and the legs down 90 degrees and then join the halves together by applying CA glue where the seat back meets the seat bottom. This keep glue away from the delicate wrought iron. Instructions are engraved onto the set.
Price $5

1:350 Merchant ship set. Includes rails, ladders, stairs, lifeboat pulleys, ratlines, crane hooks, and life rings.
Price $36

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1:350 Gold Plus Titanic/Lusitania set. Includes Marconi wire spreaders, cargo booms and support racks, compass tower, ship's wheel, specifically designed rails for cargo crane bases, docking bridge supports, first class deckchairs and lifeboat safety ropes. Price $20

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1:350 Ocean liner figures set. Includes 200 3 dimensional relief-etched figures (passengers (men women and children), crew, orchestra and Captain Smith.
Price $10

1:350 Titanic lifeboat davit set. Includes full complement of 3 dimensional relief-etched Wellin davits for Olympic/Titanic/HMHS Britannic. Incredibly detailed, they can be built in the stowed or deployed positions and include spares for practice.
Price $20

1:350 Limited edition Titanic skylight set. Includes skylights for forward and aft Grand Staircase covers, officer's shower/Marconi room skylights, tank room skylights, chain and turnbuckles for lifeboats, deck gates and specific railings for crane bases.
Price $10

Ocean Liner Models


1:350 Britannic brass conversion set. Includes full brass replacements for B-Deck and A-Deck superstructure sides, full set of gantry davits (enough to build RMS or HMHS), lifeboat storage racks, aft well deck side bulkheads, poop deck smoke room bulkheads, children's playroom bulkhead, red crosses for boat deck and miscellaneous other parts. Includes full instruction sheets containing detailed information about using the parts.
Price $45

1:350 Olympic brass conversion set. Includes full brass replacements for B-Deck and A-Deck superstructure sides to represent Olympic during her peacetime career. Includes full instruction sheets containing detailed information about using the parts.
Price $25

1:350 Olympic-class skylight set. Includes correctly sized skylight covers for the forward and aft Grand Staircase covers, number 2 funnel base for Britannic and coaling outriggers.
Price $10

1:350 Resin Britannic conversion set. Includes resin casts for the forward well deck hatches and entrances, full set of boats (enough to do RMS version), gantry davit motor houses (enough to do RMS version), motor launches, morgue, forward Grand Staircase elevator gear house and poop deck smoke room.
Price $35

Tom's Modelworks

Tom's Modelworks
Millennium RMS Titanic Sets

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Titanic Rails

1:350 Scale Set No. 3511 $16.00
Same number as exhisting set but also reengineered with the same price

1:400 Scale Set No. 4005 $16.00    Available mid August
1:600 Scale Set No. 6010 TBA end of August

Sets include: Highly detailed rails with kick plates, ratlines, tank room rails, gates, stairs, The first set at the corrct scale height, bow rails with correct stanchion placement to fit the models deck detail.etc.........

tom_rails.jpg (278096 bytes)
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*Special Tom's Offer to TRMA Members*

Tom will be offering FREE replacement rail sets to anyone returning one of the original sets UNUSED and - if used - with AT LEAST 50% remaining, he will sell the replacement sets AT COST!


Titanic Window Frames

1:350 Scale   Set No. 3521   $12.00
1:400 Scale   Set No. 4013
  $12.00  Available End of July.

1:600 Scale   Set No. 6014 TBA Avaliable end of August.

Sets include: over 270 highly detailed and accurate window frames, tank room covers, double doors, etc.

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Titanic Benches

1:350 Scale   Set No. 3522   $7.50
1:400 Scale   Set No. 4014
  $7.50  Available early August.

1:600 Scale Set No. 6013 TBA Available End of August.

Sets include: highly detailed benches with 2 different style optional center leg (use depends on the modelers mehtod of bench folding) contours to suit your taste. Each bench has the iron scrollwork scanned directly from Titanic wreck footage. The benches are 1 piece and 3 folds.
The choice of those seeking both accuracy and ease of assembly.

tom_benches.jpg (231619 bytes)
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Titanic Miscellaneous Detail Set

1:350 Scale   Set No. 3523   $16.00
1:400 Scale   Set No. 4015
  $16.00  Available Mid August

1:600 Scale Set No. 6011 TBA Mid to late August

Sets include: Vent covers, grill covers, crane booms and supports, compass tower and stairs, propeller spanners, block and tackle, bow anchor well grill and grating, skylight covers, windlass detailing, funnel ladders and platforms, Marconi/lavatory skylights, boat davit details, ship's wheels, foredeck skylight, lifeboat guard rails, crane railing and hook.....and much more. The most complete detailing set for the Titanic currently on the market. A feast for the superdetailer!

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