Article: History of the 1:350 RMS Titanic scale model kit

The Entext Titanic is born

The History: It appears the decision to tool the Titanic was made in 1974 by Tony Clewes, the President of Entex. The engineering and mold making was assigned to Mr. Fuminori Inage of G-Mark who arranged the mold-making and initial production in Japan. Early samples of the Entex kit dating from 1976 bear the G-Mark logo on the shot frames. The boxed, completed kits were shipped to Entex from Japan. Later on, the molds were moved to Carson, California where Entex had the molds run by outside molders and packaged at the Entex facility. "That's one way to identify an older Titanic model. Look for the G-Mark logo"

The Revell Titanic is born
While Entex had the tooling, it is known that the molds were leased once or twice on a temporary basis to Revell Germany who sold the kits in Europe under their brand name. "This answers the Revell 1/350 scale question"

The Entex Titanic dies
In 1982, Entex filed for bankruptcy, the result of some bad decisions regarding electronic toys. The molds were transferred to Anmark, a start up hobby kit company whose entire line was based on the ex-Entex molds, supplemented by bagged kits obtained from various Japanese hobby kit makers. In 1985, Anmark quite the hobby kit business, whereupon Minicraft bought all the ex-Entex molds including the Titanic.

The Minicraft / Academy Titanic is born
Distribution of the Minicraft Titanic Kits, molded and packaged in Torrance, commenced in 1985. In 1986-87 Minicraft sold bagged Titanic kits to Revell Germany for European distribution. Minicraft exported to the rest of the world. In 1989, Minicraft moved the molds to Korea where they produced under the Minicraft / Academy joint venture brand.

The Gunze Titanic is born
During this period, several shipments of bagged kit parts, without bases, were sold to Gunze for distribution in Japan in their own box. It appears that Academy also made a production run or two of the Titanic in their own Korean language box which somehow omitted the Minicraft name, logo or copyrights.

The end of Minicraft / Academy model kit
The joint venture production continued until April of 1998 when all of Minicraft's molds were moved to China in anticipation of the August 30,1998 termination of the joint venture agreement between Minicraft and Academy. Upon arrival in China, extensive repairs were made to the molds and eliminate much of the heavy flashing to replace the originals were commissioned and are nearly complete; they will be used in the next production run.

The new Minicraft model
The moment thousands of people have been waiting for (I know I have) for six months. And for that reason its been a very slow six months, but it's here, and ready to take on the world. It's something I like to call "Titanic Model: The Next Generation". It's been a long time since the first Titanic model was cracked out of the mold and sold to the public. Since then, everyone wanted to put this mini-Titanic together. There's only been one problem: Too many errors. Titanic without a center anchor? Who's ever heard of such a thing. One company has: MINICRAFT. The original Titanic mold has been passed on to a lot of people, but only one had the courage to stand up to the challenge of re-shaping this thing we call Titanic. And to that person (Minicraft), I give a long over due Thank You! Now to the photos. What your about to see is only a small portion of what's been updated. More photos will be added later..

Whats next?

Only time will tell.....