Installing Mast Lamp Fiber Optics
William Barney

My name William Barney and I've research a lot about how fiber optics work for any model for example the Titanic. I drilled in 1:350 titanic model (it's not very easy to do) and I was testing a lot things with fiber optics to light from within titanics hull. I am not sure what kind of light I should use for fiber optics, But I will find out soon. Hopeful Any questions or help me out for what kind best for light to use for the fiber optics. My e-mail is

1. Cut out of old light lamp off from mast (do not cut bottom of lamp)
2. Take a Drill (make smaller) hole to thur a tiny mast, So let a fiber optic go thur.
3. Then make a long cut on the back of the mast, So the fiber optic can hide with cover putty.
4. Use a clear plastic sheet to cut so as the same size as the old one on the lamp, cut a tiny piece of plastic for on top of the lamp and BE CAREFUL when you painting it....

By William Barney -- If you have any questions or commenst about this proccess, you may post them to the main forum or email William about them. He will be happy to assist.